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HFL Can Help Support Your Event!

Asheville, NC - Aug. 22, 2015

Joining the National #ProtestPP Event, HFL and Life Advocates helped turn out with over 250 pro-life families, students, pastors and supporters protesting Planned Parenthood, Asheville at 68 McDowell Street. Hundreds of Enthusiastic motorists responded as they passed-by with a Honk for Life!

Asheville, NC

Life Advocates joined the National #ProtestPP Event on the day prior to catch higher traffic flows on a Friday. HFL was there to support Life Advocates cheering on those walking the sidewalk with lost of Honks!

An Anytime HFL Event

An event in your front yard!

Here is a sign graphic that is available free on the Signs & More page. Download this graphic on your thumb drive. Take it to your local print shop, print out this sign and have your own event right at home! Honk for Life!

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