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Honk for Life is a campaign warning against the killing of innocent Life
While attending pro-life sidewalk vigils, we are often greeted by a waving hand and a friendly Honk for Life, as motorists pass by in their cars and trucks. It was and is a supportive gesture but, more importantly, it was heard as a warning sound - a warning that danger lies ahead.

Sure enough, a little research yeilded volumes of history about the use of the car horn - lawfully used to alert the community of life threatening danger. The taking of innocent life is a present danger! 

Honk for Life offers a strategy to engage supporters of Life by encouraging the opportunity to sound a public warning against the taking of innocent Life in Planned Parenthood, hospitals and other 'clinics'. 

Abortion causes the death of someone's child, a human being - every time

Planned Parenthood's baby-part harvesting story has even shocked abortion advocates! 

If you are asking - 'How can I take a stand for Life?' - This site was made for YOU! 

What is the Message?            Warning! An innocent child is now or soon being killed, in this facility! 
Support local Messengers!   Protesters at vigils appreciate your support when you Honk for Life!

Deliver a message!                 Mothers and those taking the lives of children may hear your warning!

Join the Vigil!                           You can be counted a part of a warning vigil or protest!

YOU can deliver a warning anytime against Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers when you pass-by their location. Go out of your way and warn against Planned Parenthood with a Honk for Life!

You can sound the alarm!

The Official Honk for Life - An International Warning Signal
HFL 3 honks
beep beep beep the official warning of Honk for Life
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