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Sound a warning about the taking of innocent life with a Honk for Life!

Honk for Life is a social campaign & resource for people who take a stand for Life.

Honk for Life invites pro-life media & supporters to express their first amendment free speech right by sounding a wanring - Warning! People are taking innocent Life here!

Honk for Life urges motorists to call for government defunding of Planned Parenthood. Support the brave souls, on sidewalks, protesting at solumn vigils and organized events with a Honk for Life!

Download the free graphics shown below by visiting the Signs & More page. Get involved now!

Life is precious. Life is sacred. Life is yours, pass it on! Protest abortion!

The Official Honk for Life - An International Warning Signal

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How To Use This Site

Use this Honk for Life campaign to engage supporters of Life in your protests and vigils. 

  1. Download and print signs and posters
  2. Display Honk for Life signs to welcome and engage pro-life supporters in your community
  3. Set up info tables to offer signs and more information to those who join the protest
  4. Count Honks as fellow protestors at your vigil who stand for Life
  5. Use signs and posters to fundraise (optional)


Drive by Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics and sound your warning. Protest abortion with a Honk for Life!

Surf this site for encouragement! Come back ofter for the latest news of those stand for Life.

Resources to Help YOU Get Started!

Honk for Life offers free graphics and documents you can print yourself - make your own posters, flyers and signs. With them in hand, you can help warn your community about the taking of innocent Life.

Visit the Signs & More page for free graphics downloads  

Visit the Testamonials page to share how you are standing for Life!

Visit tne Photo Albums page to see how folks are using signs and

              posters to stand for Life

Protest tax-payer funding of Planned Parenthood

Download these graphics

on the Signs & More Page !


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